Sunday, December 15, 2013

Chasing you, It's the only thing I want to do

 Hey all, I'm orange and it's kind of awesome!

   I've had the red hair for two years and I'm ready for a change so I've started the very slow transition from my lovely red to a (hopefully!) light blonde. The first bleach session (I hate saying that) was yesterday and turned into a pleasantly bright shade of orange.
   Bleaching was hard because my hair was the healthiest it's ever been and I've been through the dried and fried routine before. Oh well, all things come to an end. And it's kind of fun trying something new. I can always go running back to red if I can't handle the pressure of getting to blonde from my bright color. 

   I really love neutrals and I wanted something subdued to balance out the hair. I adore silk and any will wear it any chance I get... even in winter (don't judge!). So when I opened up my closet and this skirt was right there, just begging to be tried on, I couldn't help myself. I paired it with a black cotton top so there wasn't anything competing with the hair.
   Then my world collapsed (not really, but maybe a little)- I couldn't find shoes to match! These are a tad too fancy for the rest of the outfit. Ugh. Isn't that every girl's problem? NOT ENOUGH SHOES. Maybe I'll buy myself a new pair for Christmas...

Anyway, here's to hoping my coworkers don't freak about the orange at work tomorrow!

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