Sunday, December 29, 2013

But dreams come slow and they go so fast

I seem to be wanting to channel the 80's lately. There isn't any stopping it. Just like how everything I ate in October had to be pumpkin flavored... I can't even look at pumpkin muffins now! (kidding! I will eat ALL the pumpkin)

    This outfit started off as something completely different and evolved into a much edgier look than I usually go. I was trying to find a way to wear this wonderful velvet cape I have from the 20's/30's but wanted to create a look that was a little dirtier than my go-to classic. Needless to say, a classic black velvet cape and grunge don't mix that well (at least I haven't discovered the secret!) so the antique was nixed for a teased side ponytail and a sheer, oversized blouse.
    I suppose I needed to get away from my norm and it was certainly a fun change of pace! I had haphazardly thrown my hair up when I was trying on this purple blouse. It kind of worked so I just went with it. Needed a belt. And something underneath. Teased the hair and added a dark lip because why not. Yup, that's how it happened.


Wishing you all a happy new year!

Lots of love, Eden

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