Thursday, December 19, 2013

I can't help myself

I know we aren't in the 80's but I saw this dress at a thrift store and I couldn't help myself... I can still wear it, right?

   It got up to 55 degrees today! We have the craziest weather, it can never make up its mind- 'I'm going to be freezing and windy and nasty for a few weeks then give them a nice Thursday just to see if anyone is paying attention'. Anyway, it's certainly on purpose. I suppose I don't mind too much if I get days like this to take pictures in though! It was one of the few posts recently that I haven't been freezing in. Haha, I guess it doesn't make me any less crazy for going to a local park dressed like I'm going to a party! Oh well, with all the holiday festivities going on I thought a cocktail dress was appropriate, even if I don't have anywhere to wear it to :)


   I am so in love with this color of blue and the floral print is so pretty, I just can't get enough! I did shorten the dress and removed the oversized bow that all these dresses had and am very pleased with the outcome. The whole thing reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, I feel like going on an adventure when I wear it!

Today was one last break before all the festivities, I'll try to get a post in next week but no promises!

Lots of love,

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