Monday, January 20, 2014

Keep your eyes on me

Ahhhhhhh!! It's been too long since my last post! This is when I resolve to be better in the future.
It's gonna work, I swear.

The first in my long list of excuses for not posting recently is that my dad came to visit! He happened to be down in Florida visiting friends and family and decided to come up before heading back to Oregon. We've been running around like crazy trying to get as much in as we can before he heads back on Wednesday. I miss him already!

I haven't done a casual/everyday look in a while- kind of went on this fantasy inspired tangent for a bit. It's getting to be a challenge to come back down to earth when getting ready for a shoot... I keep veering towards something unrealistic and have to constantly catch myself. I'm not sure which one I should focus on yet but this was definitely overdue.

The corduroy pencil skirt I'm wearing has been neglected (which is very much a shame!) since I have recessed into wearing the oh-so-boring jeans and shirt everyday. Don't ask what possessed me to stop paying attention to clothes recently (being able to wear scrubs to work everyday probably hasn't helped!), but I'm getting better about it.

This thin black blouse helped balance the heaviness of the skirt and crimson tights added some color. It was all too dark until I found a light tan belt which of course didn't fit right- it was too big so I enlisted my dad's help in punching out a couple holes. Oh my goodness, always a process.

Ugh. I'm exhausted... I'll try to get another post in next week though!
Please stay warm and drink lots of hot coco!!!

Lot's of love,

PS: Can you tell I lightened my hair again? It hates me! I'm sorry hair, please know that I promise to (eventually) make it up to you.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

In this world we're just beginning

I finally got around to creating a post around this beautiful black cape. It's so wonderfully elegant, I can't help but feel like royalty when I wear it!

   It paired wonderfully with a simple off-white dress I had picked up at a thrift store some time ago. Nothing should be competing with the beauty of that lush velvet!! Finished off the look with clean make-up and a black ribbon around the waist.

   It had snowed earlier this week and it was sad to see it melting away before I could do a photo shoot. I was delighted when I got to my favorite little park and found the snow hadn't melted yet! I had really wanted this photo shoot to emanate winter and not only did I get snow but today was foggy and perfectly dreary. It seems like the gods were in my favor!

Anyway, short post today. Hope everyone had a great New Years!

Lots of love,