Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Take me over glittering clouds

It warmed up! YEAH!!!!! Can you tell I'm excited?
I was skipping yesterday. My friend was laughing at me :( But it was AWESOME!

     Anyway, life has been nuts. I moved and got my car fixed and my sister came to visit and everything happened ALL AT ONCE. But now it's over, and I am living in a lovely apartment with two great cats and a pretty sweet new roommate. And there is time for pictures, and did I mention it warmed up? Because yeah, that's pretty neat.

     Also, the Lego movie was cool.

     For this post my friend, Tram, was the photographer. I can't tell you how much it sped up the process to not be running back and forth to my camera all the time, it was fantastic. The trade off was that I got a bit camera shy. I guess that's kind of silly... I'm sure it'll be easier next time!

Short post today, lots of love!


  1. You're very great
    Nice outfit and super cool pics
    Love it :)