Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Another day, just breathe

   I'm so in love with Spring, and we have a beautiful one to look forward to here in DC! On the drive to work yesterday I noticed the daffodils are in full bloom and was smiling like an idiot when I walked into the clinic :)

   We also get the most gorgeous blooming trees here, the most famous of which are the cherry trees in DC. They are supposed to reach their peak bloom in the next few days and I, like many natives (and tourists!), will be fighting to find seating on the metro to make my way down to see them this weekend. I'm excited.

This dress is yet another thrift store find, it's a bit big so I tied up the bottom to avoid tripping on it!  Never thought I'd wear paisley but this deep blue was too pretty to resist, I'm in love.

 Anyway, got to go. I'm late for work... again :)

Lots of love,